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DSL Provider Benchmark features PEVQ-S to test Streaming Video Quality
“Best German Network Operator 2015” Award by the ‘Connect’ Magazine benchmarks the Streaming QoE of YouTube, Amazon Video and Videoload. For Video and Voice quality characterization OPTICOM’s standardized metrics PEVQ-S and POLQA were applied. Tests included 1.7 M Data Points gathered at 36 sites across Germany.
Erlangen, GERMANY – 06. November 2015

During summer 2015, a large scale, nationwide benchmark based on 1.7 M measurements was conducted, investigating the OTT streaming video quality delivered by various German network operators. For the first time, the video services under study were analyzed with OPTICOM’s new PEVQ-S metric, the most accurate, standards-based perceptual QoE measurement technique for adaptive streaming. The video quality was scored on a 5-point mean opinion score, while also addressing the effects of long-term streaming behavior.

OTT services benchmarked comprised YouTube, Amazon Video and Videoload (an OTT VoD service of German Telekom) over major operators, including Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone, cable network operators, as well as local (virtual) network operators. The benchmark was conducted by Zafaco GmbH, who collected and processed data at 36 sites across Germany. The results of the benchmark were published by the ‘Connect’ magazine in its August issue, together with a surprising winner, who was awarded the “Best German Network Operator 2015”.

Results revealed interesting performance differences and surprising new insights, with one of the most interesting observations being that faster IP access does not necessarily mean better video streaming quality, in some cases the ‘slower’ CDN just performed measurably better.

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