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Reference List of Licensed PEVQ and PEVQ-S Vendors and Affiliates in Good Standing

– in alphabetical order – to be continuously updated)

PEVQ-S Licensees

Vendor [link] Country
Keysight NEMO (formerly Anite NEMO) Finland
InfoVista TEMS (formerly TEMS Ascom Network Testing) USA
Zafaco Germany
Accuver (Innowireless) Korea


Vendor [link] Country
AIox Co., Ltd Korea
Altice Labs (formerly PT Inovacao) Portugal
Audiocodes Ltd. Israel
Autoopt Networks Inc. USA
Beijing MyWay Telecom Technology Co. Ltd. China
Beijing Rising Technology Corp. Ltd. China
China Mobile Group Design Institute Co. Ltd. China
Cinetix SRL Telecom Solutions Italy
Comba Telecom Systems China Ltd. China
Devoteam (formerly Danet GmbH) Germany
Ericsson AB Sweden
Focus Infocom Germany
Ringcentral, Inc. USA
Inno Wireless Korea
Sigos (formerly Keynote Sigos) GmbH Germany
Keysight Technologies Singapore (International) Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Marvell Semiconductor Inc. USA
Nextgen Innovation Labs LLC, d.b.a. mobileCEM Labs USA
Nextragen Solutions (formerly Nextragen / ITD) Germany
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG Germany
ADS Assembly Data System S.p.A. (formerly Elsag-Datamat S.p.A. / Selex Elsag S.p.A.) Italy
Microsoft (formerly Skype Technologies S.A.) Luxemburg
Spire Technology Inc. Korea
Spirent Communications Inc. USA
Surf Communication Solutions Ltd. Israel
Telegent Systems USA Inc. USA
Testquest USA
Wuhan Hongxin Telecommunication Technologies Co. Ltd. China
Beijing Zhong Chuang Telecom Test Co. Ltd. (ZCTT) China

NOTE: This reference list reports officially licensed companies, organizations, product vendors and affiliates in good standing. Companies listed above may offer products or services which incorporate PEVQ under a license, or may be licensed to use PEVQ for company-internal processes. Except where products are explicitly referenced, the fact that a company is listed herein does not mean that any particular product they manufacture and sell will embed a valid PEVQ license. If in question, please first check directly with the relevant vendor and enquire for a license certificate. If you have further questions about license coverage, feel free to contact OPTICOM.