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PEVQ-S Highlights and Features
Video Streaming QoE Measurement:

OPTICOM’s advanced architecture for perceptual Quality-of-Experience measurement, benchmarking and optimization of ABR video streaming services over fixed and mobile networks. Combines true pixel-based picture quality analysis with bit-stream analysis for accurate, standardized subjective MOS prediction in real-time.

Built on International Standards:

PEVQ-S embeds a wealth of International Standards OPTICOM has co-developed, or contributed to, incl. ITU-T Rec. J.247, J.341, J.343.5/.6 (2014), P.1203 (2016). PEVQ is the only commercially available video quality metrics that has continuously been validated independently by VQEG and ITU benchmarks.

Supported Services and Protocols:

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vimeo, Zattoo and more OTT VoD services supported. Protocols include MPEG-DASH, HLS, HTTP/HTTPS (YouTube), and derivates. QUIC/TLS soon to come.

Realtime Diagnostics on Smartphones:

PEVQ-S can be applied in real-time on Android Smartphones, and Tablets. Other O/S supported for embedded or desktop/server use are Windows and Linux.

Scalability up to UHD/4K:

PEVQ-S supports full scalability from high to low video bitrates and screen sizes from 4K/UHD, HD over SD to multimedia screen sizes VGA, QCIF, and CIF. Most suitable for analyzing multi-screen programming and multi-network access.

Comprehensive E2E Quality:

Contrary to often applied bit stream analysis, PEVQ-S is the only FR perceptual video quality measure to truly score encoder and media stream picture quality with respect to the uncompressed source, and is therefore able to score and benchmark competitive OTT VoD streaming services.

Optimization Gain Analysis:

The novel hybrid concept allows for true device/network performance measurement of the Currently Viewed Quality (MOS-CVQ), while at the same time analyzing the Best Video Quality (MOS-BVQ) available from the server, given optimum encoding and network characteristics.

MOS Real-time Analysis:

The fully performance-optimized hybrid architecture allows for FR precision of Content & Media Stream Quality Analysis (one-time calculation at the server side) to be combined with lightweight on-line Transmission and Presentation Quality Analysis at the Client Probe – thus allowing for embedded real-time MOS scoring.

Time Scalability:

PEVQ-S is the first perceptual video quality measurement to offer full time-scalability from 2 sec chunk (segment) length up to program length of several minutes, even hours. Optional support of P.1203 Pq integration. Suitable for benchmarking QoE in a long-term viewer context, not just short clips.

Measurement and More: Per-Title & Per-Scene Encoding

OPTICOM’s novel ‘Smart Streaming’ engine builds on PEVQ-S as the core for ‘per-title’ and ‘per-scene’ encoding to tailor QoE to the mobile use case – while saving up to 50% video bitrate (YouTube/H.264)! Compared to several proprietary algorithms proposed, OPTICOM apply their unique standardized metrics for optimization at the encoder and diagnostics at the client, ensuring network-wide verified QoE.

Streaming Video Aliance

At OPTICOM, we are proud to announce our membership of the Streaming Video Alliance, an industry consortium comprised of leading companies from the online video ecosystem.

SVA helps set guidelines for members to abide by in categories such as QoE Industry Guidelines, where we look forward to contributing with our knowledge and innovations for perceptual analysis for QoE, and presenting development progress within International Standards Organisations.

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Michael Keyhl, Founder & CEO of OPTICOM, announcing Standard’s based Smart Streaming to save video bitrate in mobile networks live at MWC 2018


Michael Keyhl, Founder & CEO of OPTICOM, introducing PEVQ-S for QoE measurement of Netflix, Amazon and YouTube live at MWC 2016